Loan without income – what loans should the unemployed pay attention to?

An income certificate is necessary to obtain a loan. It is an attachment to the loan application. In the case of non-bank loans, this is not an obligatory document.

When applying for a loan, you do not need to attach confirmation of your income. This particular type of loans is very popular, especially for those who cannot boast of stable income required for loans. Currently, 76% of borrowers simultaneously use a loan and a non-bank loan. 1 What is a loan with no income ?

On what basis is a non-bank loan with no income granted?

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As loan companies operate on slightly different rules than banks, they can afford more flexibility in setting the terms for granting loans. They can’t afford to borrow money without checking the customer’s credibility. In assessing the repayment capacity of liabilities they incur, they do not act so meticulously.

In the loan application, they require the consumer to provide information on the income achieved, and the income certificate, which is known from banking procedures, is omitted. As a result, getting a loan without income becomes faster.

When considering non-income loans, the concept of income should be clarified, as many consumers have a meaningful understanding of this economic term. Income is considered to be any income after deducting the costs of obtaining it and after deducting mandatory contributions. It does not have to be the amount we earn. Income may also be the benefit we receive and from which we live. Many consumers equate income only with employment remuneration. Meanwhile, we also talk about income when their sources are:

  • renting an apartment or other real estate,
  • disability pension
  • employment based on a contract, specific task or commission,
  • maintenance,
  • social benefits,
  • profits from taxed activities.

Loan companies accept various sources of income, they can also include transfers from the 500 plus government program as income. Income is a component for assessing borrowing capacity. In addition to these other factors are important, in particular:

  • credit history , i.e. previously drawn loans with information on the progress of their repayment,
  • amount of monthly liabilities, as it cannot exceed the achieved income.

People who get money for a living from sources other than full-time work, and at the same time meet the conditions of the lender, will receive loans without a standard income , as there are no rigid regulations.

Types of loans with no income

Types of loans with no income

The non-bank offer includes loans for the unemployed . Persons without permanent employment can easily benefit from the standard offer of loan companies, also when:

  • they receive remuneration for occasional work,
  • they make a living from alimony,
  • they collect receivables from the rental of real estate,
  • are just starting work and are in the trial period,
  • are students and receive a scholarship or grant from the family.

An unemployed person who has no income can count on non-bank companies offering loans to the unemployed in the form of:

  • loans with a guarantee,
  • loans secured by assets.

A traditional quick loan with no income in the form of payday loans is simply not realistic. Even if the applicant for the loan conceals the truth about the income in the application, he will probably be rejected for further verification. However, it should be remembered that a lack of income does not mean a lack of solutions. However, it should be taken into account that quick loans without income are unlikely to be possible, as the formalities for loans for the unemployed can be a bit more.

What are guaranteed loans for the unemployed?

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A person without any income should be aware that a loan without income actually exists because the lender may find another way to reduce the risk of borrowing money.

This risk is limited by the guarantor. They can be personally indicated by the borrower, provided that they have income and meet other conditions necessary for a positive assessment of creditworthiness. Such a person will be able to financially help repay the liability. Takes over the burden of liability in the event that the borrower finds no employment and is unable to cover the debt. Before such a loan with no income is paid out, you will need to sign up for the purchaser.

What is a loan with no income?

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If other solutions are not available, then there is a loan for an apartment without income, the rules of which are quite controversial. Real estate has long become a collateral for loans, especially when it comes to mortgages. However, this is a different type of loan.

The pledge of the flat consists in the fact that the lender becomes the owner of the property based on the loan agreement concluded by way of a notarial deed. As soon as the borrower repays the liability, he will regain full ownership title to the flat he had previously pledged. Such a loan against an apartment without income actually seems like a risky solution, but it can be helpful in getting out of debt .

Cheapest cash loan – which one should you choose?

The cheapest cash loans are the easiest and fastest online. A useful source of this type of information will be various types of financial services, such as Good Finance.

You can find not only guidebooks but also rankings, comparison websites and useful loan calculators. By using our portal you can quickly and conveniently apply for the product of your choice.

The cheapest cash loan in 2018.


It is worth knowing that the offers of banks and loan companies change from time to time. Interesting promotions appear thanks to which you can borrow cash at a really attractive price.

Remember to check the current loan rankings – what was still attractive in that month or year does not have to be this way. Therefore, if you want to take a cash loan online or at a branch, first find out which loan terms are currently the most attractive.

This year, the cheapest cash loan on the market should have an interest rate of 5-6 percent. Alior Bank, Eurobank, Citi Handlowy and Deutsche Bank currently have such offers.

The cheapest cash loan with no commission


Looking for the answer to the question of how to find and where to find the cheapest cash loan, I took into account mainly the offers of banks, not non-banking institutions.

Only in this way will you have the best chance of getting a really cheap loan. Remember that the loan for proof, i.e. “payday loan” is unlikely to be cheaper than a bank loan. In the case of para bank offers, the overall cost of credit will usually be much higher (unless the first loan promotion is free).

The cheapest cash loan – calculator


How to look for the cheapest cash loan for any purpose? Contrary to appearances, it’s very simple. After entering the financial website, find the so-called cash loan calculator. For example, Good Finance provides is completely free of charge.

The calculator is very easy to use – all you have to do is enter the loan amount you are interested in, the loan period (the number of months for which we will repay the loan) and the interest rate to find out what the monthly installment will be.

In addition, you can immediately see the offers of banks and loan companies that currently have the conditions that interest you. This significantly speeds up the process of choosing a loan, and thus brings you closer to the realization of our dreams.

The calculator also allows you to view the sample loan repayment schedule and see how much interest you will have to pay in general. Thanks to this, you will easily find out whether a given loan offer is really profitable. If not, it’s worth looking for something else on the market, because there are plenty of offers.

Good to know, the cheapest online cash loan will generally be the most profitable offer, especially when compared to loans that are granted on-site, e.g. in branches.

This is mainly due to the fact that online application processing is cheaper, and in addition, you are able to decide for yourself whether you want additional insurance or other supplements that significantly increase the cost of the loan.

Cheapest cash loan – comparison


Choosing the cheapest loan for any purpose is not difficult if you use the tools available on the web. They were created by financial specialists with a view to ordinary borrowers, who are usually unable to independently and reliably compare different bank offers.

Refinancing loans – loans under control


In the modern world, one of the ways to solve financial issues is credit. And it often happens that in one family there are not one, but two, three, five loans. At some point, monthly payments can greatly affect the budget.

It also happens when, for other reasons, payment of several loans begins to cause discomfort – their repayment places are located in different places, plus various amounts and payment dates that you always need to keep in mind so as not to go into arrears.

The way out of the situation could be the refinancing of existing loans into one general loan. This will reduce both monthly payments and the total amount of debt obligations.

When to think about refinancing?

When to think about refinancing?

If the loan you took was uncomfortable for you. If you take one loan so that there is something to repay another, and this cycle seems impossible to stop.

If you have several loans with different interest rates in different banks (which means several dates and amounts of payments that you need to remember).

If you bought a car on credit – by refinancing a car loan, you will remove the burden from the car and be able to dispose of it at your discretion. This will help to avoid additional costs, for example, the purchase of insurance when buying a car on credit.

How does a refinancing loan work?

How does a refinancing loan work?

The loan refinancing process itself is standard: there is no need for collateral or surety of third parties, there is no commission for granting a loan, only a standard package of documents is needed (application, passport, personal income tax certificate or in the form of a bank and a document confirming employment, as well as a certificate / statement with information about the refinanced loan).

For customers who receive a salary on a bank card, they only need a passport and a certificate / statement of a loan. You can repay the received money up to five credits from third-party banks, and this happens automatically – by wire transfer and without commission, so there’s no need to transfer “live” money from one bank to another. A valuable opportunity, if you imagine how long it would take to repay these loans “manually”.

Thus, it is possible to refinance a consumer loan, a car loan, a credit card, an overdraft received in rubles.

Refinancing effortlessly

Refinancing effortlessly

The advantages of refinancing a loan are obvious: in the absence of extra time, you can get one general loan at an attractive interest rate instead of several different and, possibly, reduced monthly payments.

Refinancing with is likely to reduce your total debt. But most importantly: you can spend most of the family budget on what you and your loved ones need.